Menstrual health support for girls in rural Kenya


she will survive is currently partnering with Ntoyie Africa (NCBO) to fundraise, provide and distribute sanitary products and educational materials to girls in Kajiado County, Kenya and surrounding areas.

Collectively 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads and we aim to reduce this number significantly. By implementing a train-the-trainer model, we can empower women from marginalised communities to sew reusable sanitary pads for local girls, helping them to stay in school. We also plan to provide research-backed educational materials to parents and students about menstrual hygiene, sexual health and the benefits of staying in school and further education.

We want to educate and empower girls in Kajiado County, Kenya (and surrounding areas) on menstrual health and hygiene, and build a train-the-trainer mentorship model where we teach local women from marginalised communities to sew and in turn, they teach girls to sew their own reusable sanitary pads. These women would be the project leads/trainers, and can produce a monthly quota of sanitary pads to support 50 girls in school per month. In exchange for their services, we will provide them a comprehensive 2-week sewing training programme which includes instructional training on sewing reusable sanitary pads, and various consumer goods.  The women who complete training will have a graduation ceremony and can then start to train girls and produce their own quotas of sanitary pads for donations to local schools. 

We believe this programme will be beneficial for local women from marginalised communities because we can provide them with transferable skills that they can use to sew their own goods, which can be sold for income. Additionally, as long as the monthly donation quota is met, the women are able to use the equipment for their own personal or commercial use. If we are able to make a sustainable project and provide enough girls with reusable sanitary products, ideally we’d like to employ the women we train to sew consumer products which we can sell and we want to provide them with fair wages, good working conditions and solid employment benefits.

We aim to teach 200+ girls in the area to sew their own sustainable reusable sanitary pads per year. Additionally, we aim to provide menstrual health and hygiene education and guidance to the girls, their parents, and their schools to support the girls and reduce the stigmatisation around periods. In doing so we aim to reduce the rate of school days being missed by girls due to menstrual-related issues.

Project Partner

Ntoyie Community Based Organization (NCBO), is a champion for the sustainability of girl-child education through various programmes and interventions in education, healthcare and mentorship. Ntoyie offers educational sustainable programmes, aims at supporting girls’ to enroll and successfully complete their education by eliminating poverty, FGM (female genital mutilation) practices, early marriages, and teenage pregnancy that contributes to high rates of school drop-out.

The NCBO operates as a community based organization in Kajiado County that champions and facilitates sustainability measures to improve the quality of girls’ education in the marginalized communities in Kenya.

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