Republic of Iraq

جمهورية العراق

کۆماری عێراق

Emergency | urgence | emergencia | Notruf | 緊急 | крайняя необходимость: 122

حالة طوارئ: 122

Abuse Helpline: 110

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

منظمة حرية المرأة في العراق (OWFI)



Feminist school



+964 (053) 3183149

Slemani, Malik Mahmud Ring Road, Sherko Bekas St.

Iraqi al-Amal Association

The UN reported cases of 40 murders of women and 163 cases of self-immolation in Iraqi Kurdistan in the first six months of 2013. While acknowledging that real figures are likely to be higher in Syria, the UN also reported there are between 300 and 400 cases of honour killings annually. Source: Gender-based violence amongst Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, ‘We just keep silent’, UN Women, 2014