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Abuse helpline: 118

**For travellers: Public hospitals in Nicaragua are not well equipped and charge for some services. There are some newer and better equipped hospitals in Managua. Each department of the country has its own public hospital. You may need a good understanding of Spanish to use the health facilities. In an emergency, patients will be taken to the nearest hospital, which is usually a public hospital unless the patient indicates they are able to pay for treatment. Payment for healthcare is usually accepted in cash and may be required before treatment.

Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia en Nicaragua 

Movimiento Feminista de Nicaragua 

MInisterio Público de Nicaragua: Unidad Especializada de Delitos Contra la Violencia de Género

Ministerio de la Mujer

Puntos de Encuentro

Girls in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, México, Panamá and Nicaragua report being victims of sexual coercion from teachers, sometimes under the threat of their grades suffering if they do not accept sexual advances. Source: A girl’s right to learn without fear: Working to end gender-based violence at school, International Human Rights Program, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, 2013

A 1995 survey of post-conflict Nicaragua reported 50% of female respondents had been beaten by their husbands, and that 30% had been forced by their husbands to have sex. Source: Clavel, V. Gutierrez, et al., Situation of Gender-based Violence Against Women in Latin America and the Caribbean: National Report Nicaragua, UNDP, New York, 2001.

Statistics from the Demographic and Health Survey in Nicaragua show that among women who were physically abused, 32% had husbands scoring high on a scale of “marital control,” compared with only 2% among women who were not physically abused. Source: Violence by intimate partners, Chapter 4, WHO, 2014