Crown The Woman – South Sudan (CREW)

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South Sudan Community Change Agency

SOSUCCA Head Office, Juba and Yei office At Across Compound, Yei Municipality, along old mission road and Field office in Mundri 

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SAADO – Smile Again Africa Development Organization

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Forum for Community Change & Development Transforming communities in South Sudan

Off ministries Rd, 300m walk From American Residence after South Sudan Human rights Commission, Juba, South Sudan

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Beyond Aid and Relief 

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Hamza Inn Hotel Suite 1 Notos Drive

Juba, South Sudan, Sudan

Between 2009 and 2011, an assessment of gender inequitable norms and gender-based violence within seven sites in South Sudan found 82 percent of females and 81 percent of males agreed that ‘a woman should tolerate violence in order to keep her family together.’ While 68 percent of women and 63 percent of males agreed ‘there are times when a woman deserves to be beaten.’ Finally, women (47 percent) were more likely to agree that ‘it is okay for a man to hit his wife if she won’t have sex with him,’ than men (37 percent). Source: Scott, J., Averbach, S., Modest, A. M., Hacker, M. R., Cornish, S., Spencer, D., … & Parmar, P. (2013). An assessment of gender inequitable norms and gender-based violence in South Sudan: a community-based participatory research approach. Confl Health, 7(4)