Sexual health is one of the most dreaded topics for parents to discuss with their children. Many parents never get around to having these ‘awkward conversations’ it at all, for many reasons. Discussing sexual health and gender-equality is important for your child’s growth and development. Avoiding or stigmatising these all important topics can have serious consequences for your child later in life.

she will survive provides regular research-backed content (e-guides, practical exercises, FAQ, etc.) around sexual health, child safeguarding and gender-equality for MomFlix by Mumma Diaries, a nurturing online mindful parenting subscription group, as well as directly on the she will survive website. The content includes guidance on having these ‘awkward’ conversations, research-backed educational materials, practical exercises, advice on how to discuss certain topics like spotting the signs of grooming, answering common questions that children ask, and much much more!