she will survive (sws) is a passion project, advocating for The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

sws has two primary functions: 

  • to collate support resources for every woman or girl (or anyone else) impacted by sexual abuse or violence in every country in the world
  • to spread awareness and research-backed educational materials to reduce harmful behaviours and cultural norms that can encourage violence against women and girls

Current projects include:

  • working with Nairobi-based not-for-profit Ntoyie Africa (NCBO) to fundraise, provide and distribute sanitary products and educational materials to girls in Kajiado County, Kenya and surrounding areas, empowering girls and fighting #periodpoverty
  • providing sexual health and child safety education, guidance and mentorship to parents in India (and beyond!)
  • menstrual hygiene workshops and sanitary pad distribution in India to support marginalised communities in partnership with Shakti.ism
  • other gender equality advocacy projects, including campaigning for equality


A world with true gender equality and without violence against women and girls


Hi, I’m Jitna 👋

I’m an INTJ, proud mummy of the two funniest girls in the world, and wife to (arguably) Sweden’s finest export.

I’m also a survivor, travel addict, book lover, feminist, nomad, linguaphile, serial sock mismatcher, black sheep, advocate for women and girls, challenger of the status quo, social entrepreneur, and the founder of Shakti.ism, a nonprofit women’s empowerment initiative.

I’m passionate about empowering survivors, challenging and changing gender inequality, and genuinely want to make a difference (no matter how small).

My heart/background/ethnicity/history/roots belong to 🇬🇧🇮🇳🇪🇸🇸🇪🇺🇸🇰🇪🇹🇿 and I’m based in vibrant, sunnier-than-you-think, London.

I spent nearly two years compiling these resources (during baby naptimes/evenings/after work) because it’s important that no one victimised by sexual abuse or violence should have to deal with their trauma alone. Too many cultures in the world silence the voices of women and girls. It’s important for all genders to speak out against discrimination and abuse. And it’s especially important for victims of sexual abuse or violence to feel empowered to find their voices. This is a critical step in the road to recovery. Too many women and girls feel like they have no support after trauma and I intend to change that with she will survive. This is the first step.

My focus is primarily on empowering and supporting women and girls (based on what I felt was missing throughout my own personal journey of survival), but this is a place where anyone and everyone can come to find help.

The second step is spreading awareness with the intent to eradicate harmful behaviours, social stigmas and cultural norms which contribute to gender inequality and encourage violence or abuse against women or girls.