Guest post by Beaudy Camacho: From Survivor to Thriving Mama and Entrepreneur (part two)

Yesterday’s blog featured a guest post by the lovely Beaudy Camacho, a survivor of toxic relationships, physical and emotional abuse, who has quite a life story. Beaudy has managed to build up a successful life for herself despite her past challenges, and is such a wonderful role model for her children. She is thriving as an entrepreneur in her wonderful home country of Guam, and she is an all around delightful and kind person. I am so pleased that she has agreed to share her story and her advice here, as I truly feel it could be very helpful for others in similar situations to read about her overcoming her struggles and turning her pain into something positive for herself and her family.

Be sure to check out Beaudy’s first guest post (shared yesterday) where she details significant points in her life that impacted her and made her who she is today. Today’s post details Beaudy’s top tips for survivors of similar situations.

Beaudy Camacho

Beaudy’s Top Tips For Survivors

  1. Learn to heal and love yourself first before dating or getting into a relationship. A partner who expresses true love, radiates from the love you first have for yourself. This person will have a great attitude, great mindset and positive outlook on life. They will be polite, friendly, considerate and willing to learn your love languages. In exchange, so must you! Love is about appreciation, communication, comprehension and reciprocation.
  2. If you feel in your gut that your partner is abusing themselves or you, leave now, leave fast, but only leave with resources to guide you. Remember to help yourself first! A person who is abusing themselves or substances, will not be an ideal partner as they have not learned to heal or love themselves yet and have not made their health a priority.
  3. If your children, family or friends point out negative traits or actions about your partner, listen to them. Ultimately, it is your choice to maintain a relationship. But your family and friends pick up on unfavorable cues in your partner that you may be “love blind” to and want the best for you.
  4. There is always someone willing to help. Do not be ashamed to ask for guidance on how to do things safely. Your physical and behavioral health matters above all. You won’t be able to take care of others without taking care of yourself first.
  5. Have a positive mindset and again trust in your gut, heart and higher power that you will be ok and that you DO NOT NEED this toxic person in your life. It is not your job to heal a fully grown adult who is not willing to become a better person for themselves.
  6. Be mindful of your time. Invest it in healthy choices and experiences.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people who can influence you and your decisions towards a better lifestyle.
  8. Before you start dating again, use simple language and communication with your interested parties. Ask for proper identification and respectfully ask to take a picture of it for your safety and offer yours for their safety. If they decline, decline your interests. You need a mature, open minded partner who understands your new health, safety and social standards. They may be hiding a past that they are ashamed or afraid to speak of and that will be a red flag on its own.
  9. Share your story. You will help more people than you realize when you are raw, real, transparent and share your story. Cry, embrace kindness and accept love from strangers who resonate with you and have had similar experiences.
  10. SAFELY stand up for others. Do not tolerate any form of unkindness that you witness. Be an advocate for those who can not help themselves. If you’d like, there are always trainings available for victim advocates to learn how to respond to certain situations safely.

**Remember to look up local support resources on if you think you might be in an abusive relationship. If you fear for your safety or the situation is urgent, please call your local emergency services.


Beaudy Marea G. Camacho, is a single mother of two young boys and the founder of a full-service events agency called Fundforte. Ms. Camacho planned to create Fundforte while in high school, completed education and certifications in event management, design, business, marketing and more from 2010 through 2013 and opened Fundforte for business on March 13, 2013.

Beaudy has received numerous awards and recognition for her products, services, volunteerism and support for many causes such as the success and well-being of others, education, arts and environment. With the most recent being the Small Business Association’s 2018 Home-based Business Champion for the Island of Guam.

Alongside her founding company Beaudy is also a Suicide Intervention Trainer with the Living Works ASIST program, a Peace Planning Counselor with Our Lady of Peace. Plans for the future of Fundforte include giving back to the community through free publications in digital and print, live events and creating a program to bring birthday parties to the less fortunate. The company will soon be providing more digital products, online courses and one to one coaching on fundraisers, parties and special events that will assist other event planners, fundraiser coordinators and party promoters or entertainers to become the best versions of themselves. The next goal for Beaudy is to obtain her CSEP Certification with the International Live Events Association among many others for herself and her company.

Find out more about Beaudy

Facebook: Beaudy Marea Camacho
Instagram: @beaudynbrains, @fundforte #fundforte
Twitter: @fundforte #fundforte
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