Guest post by Beaudy Camacho: From Survivor to Thriving Mama and Entrepreneur (part one)

I recently had the good fortune of crossing paths with Beaudy Camacho, a survivor of toxic relationships, physical and emotional abuse, who has quite the story to tell. Beaudy has managed to build up a successful life for herself despite her past challenges, and is such a wonderful role model for her children. She is a thriving businesswoman and entrepreneur, and an all around delightful person. I am thrilled that she has agreed to share her story here, as I truly feel it could be very inspirational to read about her overcoming her struggles and turning her pain into something positive for herself and her family.

Beaudy has graciously agreed to share a timeline of significant points in her life which impacted her and made her who she is today. Today’s post goes through her struggles in detail, and demonstrates just how hard she has worked and how much she has managed to achieve despite several abusive relationships.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear Beaudy’s top tips for survivors of similar situations. You won’t want to miss her words of wisdom!

Beaudy Camacho

TIMELINE: From Survive to Thrive

Here’s a timeline of the events that have made me continue to change my mindset, belief in the Universe and strength within:

December 2009 – I found out that I was 3 months pregnant while I was the Student Body President and a Senior in High School

June 2010 – I won a $10,000 Scholarship, Graduated from High School with honors, delivered my first-born son

2010 – 2013 – I studied various business classes, courses and received certifications / attended college, received awards and prizes and used them towards starting my business

September 2014 – The father of my children went to prison for “purse snatching”. He told me he was innocent. (He had been falsely accused of various previous crimes, because he fit a profile and then the real culprits were caught, so I naïvely believed him)

December 2014 – Our second son is born while my partner is still in jail. I drive myself to the delivery room at 4am, grab my eldest son some McDonalds and the baby was delivered around 9am with my family and friends to witness.

2015 – My children’s father was released from jail around September and then I found out he had been using methamphetamine for over 3 years on Christmas Day.

2016 – I tried to enroll my partner in rehab. Meanwhile I am still operating my business, receiving more awards, recognition and media features. My godmother whom I helped take care of in hospice passed away from uterine cancer and she was the first person in my family to pass away.

September 2016 – I spent 24 hours+ in the female prison for defending myself when he and I got in to a fight. He didn’t go to jail because he was beaten up worse than I was. The police didn’t interview any key witnesses and didn’t arrest him or anyone else.

November 2016 – My partner relapses and he ends up in prison for a month

January 2017 – We promise each other to lead a healthier life for our kids. We move to a new house, new job for him and hopes for new future

April 2017 – Not even 4 months in to our “new life”, he relapses again and I find out his truths because my home gets raided for the 3rd time during my relationship with this man and my kids were with me this time. He goes to prison for armed robbery for 5+ years. And I FINALLY end that almost 10 year relationship in front of the entire SWAT team while he is handcuffed. 🤦🏽‍♀️Because we were young parents, our goal was to get married that year of 2017.

2017 – Casual dating, won a makeover, awards, grants and scholarships, business was beautiful! But my grandmother whom I helped take care of passes away at a hospital when we thought she was getting better in October.

December 2017 – Got serious with another man who was family-oriented, career-driven and adored my kids and I.

April 2018 – won more prizes and the title for the Small Business Association’s Home-based Business Champion for the US Territory of Guam

June 2018 – Due to finding out more ‘truths’ about my partner, I break up with him. He had conned me in to thinking he was a stable person, and this was not the case. This man ended up stalking me after we broke up. He broke in to my home, attempted suicide, robbing me multiple times, forced sex, thousands of phone calls, messages, texts. Created a fake tinder profile of me, broke his restraining order and more. I did most of the recording work, filing, Marshall work, investigation work on my own and finally tracked him down to be arrested properly for violating. I was a full-time student, still trying to operate business and all while working a part time job as well, as a drug addiction program manager and suicide prevention trainer.

February 2019 – Quit my part time job

April 2019 – Moved to a house that was gifted to me by my grandparents and my crazy ex-partner finally appeared in court and hasn’t annoyed me since.

May 2019 – A nice 4-figure client wanted a full refund of her deposit and I granted her request because again, treating others how I want to be treated… and it spiraled me in to a low point. But I dusted myself off and worked harder than ever before!

June 2019 – Repairing my credit, taking charge of my finances, spending more time with family and doing more self care, self improvement and mindset adjustment. This year alone I have been called unprofessional 4 times from short term, low pay (<$50) clients who didn’t qualify to my new higher standards and though I thought I’d be devastated, because I have never been called unprofessional before, but I freaking love it. 🤣

July 2019 – My grandfather passed away in my care suddenly and unexpectedly

TODAY: I love focusing on the people and companies who have invested more in to me at a better rate, with less stress and more flexibility. I am on my way to my best year yet and at the rate I’m going, I envision to double that next year (2020) or better which will be my first 6-figure year and my 10 year high school reunion.


Beaudy Marea G. Camacho, is a single mother of two young boys and the founder of a full-service events agency called Fundforte. Ms. Camacho planned to create Fundforte while in high school, completed education and certifications in event management, design, business, marketing and more from 2010 through 2013 and opened Fundforte for business on March 13, 2013.

Beaudy has received numerous awards and recognition for her products, services, volunteerism and support for many causes such as the success and well-being of others, education, arts and environment. With the most recent being the Small Business Association’s 2018 Home-based Business Champion for the Island of Guam.

Alongside her founding company Beaudy is also a Suicide Intervention Trainer with the Living Works ASIST program, a Peace Planning Counselor with Our Lady of Peace. Plans for the future of Fundforte include giving back to the community through free publications in digital and print, live events and creating a program to bring birthday parties to the less fortunate. The company will soon be providing more digital products, online courses and one to one coaching on fundraisers, parties and special events that will assist other event planners, fundraiser coordinators and party promoters or entertainers to become the best versions of themselves. The next goal for Beaudy is to obtain her CSEP Certification with the International Live Events Association among many others for herself and her company.

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Instagram: @beaudynbrains, @fundforte #fundforte
Twitter: @fundforte #fundforte
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