More shitty stories in the news to come. A rant about the latest misogynistic event by London’s infamous President’s Club.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to get used to seeing shitty stories like this in the news. Because until we start to expose this type of disgusting behaviour, it’s still going to be acceptable behaviour.

It bothered me so much to read the experiences of some of the girls who were hostessing that night @ the Dorchester. Luckily, charities quickly started to refuse donations from the Presidents Club, and the charity is now disbanding. Whether it raised £20m or not, it’s unacceptable to hold these types of events which allow the highest bidder to treat women like objects to abuse, exploit, and manhandle.

I’m not looking forward to seeing more of these types of stories or headlines, but I am looking forward to the consequences of this type of behaviour being exposed to the world. It’s time things changed.

We shall persist, ladies!

Women shall persist

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